The first operating system for fashion.

CALA is the leading fashion design interface that unifies the entire design process – from product ideation all the way through e-commerce enablement and order fulfillment – into a single digital platform.  CALA scales with any brand: large established retailers, medium-sized fashion houses, and independent designers.

Run your fashion brand from anywhere.

The industry’s first app to allow companies of all sizes to collaborate with their global supply chain on the product creation process from start to finish on a mobile device.

A scalable, all-in-one platform.

We provide step-by-step support from start to finish with every facet of your business. Collaborate with your teammates and your CALA support team inside a single platform. 

Product Design

Designing products, fabric research, and market analysis

Production Management

A production pro to help bring your products to life

Web Development

Creating a digital web presence and checkout experience

E-commerce Management

Asset management, drop scheduling, and management

Account Management

An experienced partner to help you every step of the way


Increase cash flow with 0% net-60 financing terms

A better way to design fashion products.

Drag and drop inspiration images, sketches and references to see them in situ. Then, add comments and precise measurements with intended context; all while working with your team in real-time with live collaboration.

Made with CALA

More than 1000 styles—outerwear, shirting, dresses, denim, sweats, hats, swimwear, intimates, eyewear, bags, socks, bedding, and more—totaling hundreds of thousands of units have been produced CALA’s network of 30 manufacturers across 13 countries.

Automate your supply chain.

Guaranteed pricing, a global partner network that scales with your brand, and fulfillment that just works — we've rebuilt the rails for running your fashion brand.

Automated Pricing Engine

An industry first — Our proprietary algorithm automatically provides the optimal supply chain by considering dozens of factories in 13 countries and over 100 shipping lanes across ocean, air, truck and train. As you change the unit count, costing and timing adjust in real-time, to give you complete control over your unit economics. The best part? We guarantee the price, so you know your margins upfront.

Tap Into Our Global Partner Network 

It’s all about who you know — from New York to Ho Chi Minh, we’ve created a network of world-class partners. CALA’s nexus will be tailored to your business needs and includes experts in each facet of the industry.

Let Our Fulfillment Network Handle Your Inventory 

Tap into our expansive network of domestic and global fulfillment providers. With around-the-clock customer support and logistics management — our industry experts are here to make managing your inventory headache-free.

Say goodbye to endless email chains.


With real-time communication and collaboration via Teams, you can seamlessly share designs and collections, streamlining the entire design process. You’ll save time and promote cross-team collaboration. 


Bifurcated notifications act as a virtual assistant, ensuring you see what you need to first—while still enabling you to access all activity when needed


Systematic appraisals and automated reviews of all emails bring order to inbox chaos, so you’re able to be on top of all approvals quickly and easily

We didn't stop there.

The functionality of our fashion OS continues to grow and evolve, with cutting-edge features purpose-built for growing and established fashion brands.

Order History

Ditch the manual spreadsheets and keep track of your order details automatically — such as unit cost, unit count, and when your collection was checked out.

Shopify Integration

Easily link your Shopify or Webflow storefront to our global fulfillment network, streamlining your e-commerce and allowing more time for creativity
Chloe K.
Penelope M.

Real-time Collaboration

Comments in CALA appear in real-time, ensuring you're always on top of the latest updates. Collaboration has never been this seamless.

3D File Support

Upload, preview, and interact with all major 3D filetypes — no 3rd-party software required. The future of fashion is here.

Material Library

Get started faster than ever with our built-in material library, including expertly sourced sustainable options.

Templates & Blanks

Myriad templates help get you going if you don’t know where to start—choose from a vast array of blanks that can be customized with your signature

Shipment Tracking

Managing sample and production shipments can be a logistical nightmare. Not with CALA — We track every event throughout the shipment cycle; from creation, delivery, exception, and more. Never worry about missing a shipment update again.
Creative Director
Fabric/Trim Manager
Ecommerce Manager
Graphic Designer
Product Developer

User Roles

Choose your team role and better communicate with clarity and intention.
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Live Support

Questions, comments, or concerns regarding the design and development process? The team at CALA is always here to help with built-in live chat and support.